Interactive 3D-Map

The interactive 3D-map of a mobile app.

This map makes it easier for the visitors to navigate and orient themselves through the premises as well as encourage them to explore the shops in the area. Taking into account the technical requirements, we created a homogeneous design concept to present the 3D model of the entire area.

Unity 3D was used for the implementation. The 3D Map consists of a combination of OpenStreetMap data and 3D buildings of the.

With the help of interactive pins, which can be filtered by category, the user has access to more detailed information about the area. In addition, the utilization of the parking spaces is displayed in real time. Functions such as location determination and alignment via GPS and compass simplify the navigation for all users. In order to be able to react to changes in the area, the contents of the map can be updated at any time via the backend using asset bundles.

I worked on the mentioned Asset-Bundles, on the 3D-objects as well as the materials.