Echosystem: Resonance

A audio-driven VR-Experience Concept

Echosystem: Resonance is a single-player sound focused sci-fi adventure VR Game, that tells its worlds story through exploration and synesthetic interactions. The player is a crew member of the expedition ship ORPHEUS, which searches for the source of sound itself.

Through an unpredicted catastrophe sonic elements were destroyed, environment lost color and living organism were disconnected from life. With a tool called LYRE the players are able to resound life and build a new world in a way they imagine it to be.

We want to set the players into a world, that reacts sensible to sound. As they proceed, they will be introduced to sound driven game mechanics which allow them to form and explore their environment.

To provide variety in the game world, the player will recieve the LYRE, and instrument which represents the nature of sound and hope for the abondened, soundless planet.

It will be a multipurpose instrument, that allows uncovering, energy intake and combat through creating soundwaves.

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