Analyzing Technology

Bachelors Thesis


The outcome of the evolution of technology is easy to grasp in retrospect: The development of virtual reality gave birth to a whole palette of new possibilities on a wide range of applications, the bicycle changed the way of civil transportation, developing drones contributed to the evolution of modern warfare and eventually to photography. But what do these and many more technologies have in common? The following chapters will investigate similarities by looking at the history of each of them. We will look at how technology affects its users and vice versa. The knowledge that Science and Technology studies provide will help us analyse important milestones in the history of the bicycle. Looking at the producers and users of drones will help us determine the 

current state of the drone. After having developed both models, we will apply them to the evolution of virtual reality. The purpose of this work is to give a brief example of how technologies can be analysed to explain certain trends or events, or the current state the technology is in. The pre-history of anything, can sometimes, reveal interesting facts. When brought into context, those facts can explain future developments, to an extent. The particular character of an industry, that revolved around a technology, can give important insights. The look at important factors, when establishing a market around a technology, will also be covered. The first two chapters will cover the conceptual definitions needed, with a strong example for each chapter. Let’s start our studies by looking at Science and Technology Studies.