Automotive Rendering

A 3D-visualization of high-end safety features.

With new and considerably extended driving assistance functions, this new model will this autumn be taking a further, major step towards autonomous driving. These assists now support the driver even more conveniently in keeping a safe distance and steering, and the vehicle speed is now also automatically adjusted in bends and at road junctions. Also on board are a emergency assist and considerably improved lane changing.

Thanks to enhanced camera and radar systems, the new model has an even better view of the traffic situation. It also makes use of map and navigation data to calculate driving behaviour for the first time. The driver is able to see at a glance which assistance functions have been selected, and to which situations the systems are reacting at present. Easily understandable icons – e.g. a steering wheel with hands on both sides – give information both on the screen and in the head-up display. All functions are now controlled from the steering wheel.

In this project i created materials, geometry and camera settings as well as composition. Everything was made in Cinema4D and rendered with Octane Renderer.